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Alternatives to “the box”

Mailers are a great alternative to "the box." 

Many businesses that ship products neglect to consider mailers as a feasible alternative to traditional corrugated boxes.  Mailers are stocked in at least 10 different sizes and offered with various features for specific applications:

* Cushioned Mailers - shipping fragile products

* Non-Cushion Mailers - shipping non-fragile products

* Rigid Mailers - shipping products that need to stay flat and offer corner protection

* Paper, Poly, or Combination

Utilizing Mailers as an alternative to the box offer many advantages:

* Eliminate box set-up time

* Eliminate adding cushioning and/or void-fill materials

* Eliminate hand-taping boxes

* Alternative to boxes that sizes are not compatible with auto carton sealers

* Reduce overall pack size and shipping costs

* Reduce pack weight by eliminating heavier box, void-fill, and tape

Let us help you determine if mailers are right for your process. 

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