Foam in Place

IntelliPack® SmartBagger™

Ensure consistent, superior product protection by using the intuitive SmartBagger with Maxwell Intelligent Interface.

This foam-in-place system is ideal for high volume, medium to large applications that require cushioning or blocking and bracing to protect goods.

Designed with the operator in mind, the SmartBagger has endless customization options and robust features that deliver greater packaging process control and efficiencies.

IntelliPack® SmartShot™ & SmartShot™ Hybrid                        

When your foam-in-place operation requires a handheld touch use the SmartShot or SmartShot Hybrid.  Both systems allow for manual dispensing of foam for cushioning or blocking and bracing products during the shipping and handling process. For added flexibility the SmartShot Hybrid allows the operator to toggle between producing on-demand foam bags and handheld dispensing.


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