Custom Size Boxes on Demand

The KRAFT VPS100 is a packaging machine that allows producing packagings at the right time and in the right quality from endless corrugated material. Boost your production towards cost savings and sustainability.

Overview of your benefits:

  • Produce corrugated packagings in batch size one, tailored to your products so that void fill is reduced – stop shipping air!
  • Buy a machine, not corrugated material contracts (you choose the vendor).
  • Create cuts, creases and perforations in length- and crosswise direction with the patented multi-purpose tools.
  • Produce complex multi-part boxes (e.g. top and bottom part) in one job.
  • Create digital box designs with the KRAFT Box Designer 2.0 software on any desktop workplace.
  • Operate the machine with the intuitive KRAFT HMI – machine operation alongside job, corrugated and digital design management. All on one interface.

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